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Elon Musk demonstrates Neuralink’s tech live using pigs with surgically implanted brain-monitoring devices – EPAGESTORE

Elon Musk demonstrates Neuralink’s tech live using pigs with surgically implanted brain-monitoring devices – TechCrunch

Elon Musk -based Neuralink has made headlines over the past many years around it efforts to develop a new type of connection between the human brain and computing devices. On Friday, the business supplied a demonstration of the technology, and Musk kicked off the demo by saying that the intention behind the full demonstration was recruiting — not fundraising or any other kind of promotion.

“We’re not trying to raise money or do anything else, but the the main aim is to convince fantastic people to come work in Neuralink, and help us bring the product to fruition — make it affordable and reliable and and such that anyone who wants one can get one,” he explained.

Of course, there’s no clear proof that any of the very long list of problems could be quickly and easily”solved” with any one solution, therefore it’s a bit hard to observe this as a fair end goal for the business.

The goal could be ambitious — and undoubtedly subject to a lot of ethical and medical discussion — but the technology that Musk actually shown was less so. Musk first noted that Neuralink had changed layout because the show last year, using a bigger physical device that he said could be fully concealed under hair once set up at the skull. He had a physical device in-hand to show its size.

Image Credits: Neuralink

Musk subsequently turned the audience’s focus on three pigs which were in attendance in neighboring pens, together with handlers nearby. The three tribes had been one which was hospitalized, the second (“Gertrude”) was installed with a Neuralink apparatus, called the”Link,” and the third had previously had one installed but then subsequently had it removed. Musk initially had difficulty coaxing Gertrude to come out and play for the little, socially distanced audience in attendance (who had been seated at bar-height tables as if they were at a comedy club). Finally, however, he jumped Getrude to demonstrate that the pig who had her Link removed was quite healthy and normal-looking.

Image Credits: Neuralink

Back to Gertrude, Musk revealed a display that played with a solid and showed a visual spike whenever the Connect discovered that Gertrude made touch to some thing with her snout while rooting around for food.

“For your initial device, it’s read/write in each channel with roughly 1024 channels, all-day battery life which recharges overnight and contains rather a long selection, so you can get the range being to your telephone,” Musk said. “I need to say that’s sort of an important thing, because this would connect to your phone, and thus the application would be in your telephone, and the Connect communicating, by basically Bluetooth low power to the device in your head”

Image Credits: Neuralink

Musk closed the prepared part of the presentation by noting the firm had received a Breakthrough Device designation in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in July, and that the provider is”preparing for initial human implantation shortly, pending required approvals and further safety testing”

While the device demonstrated was just a read-device, receiving data from the signs in the pig’s brain, the strategy is to supply both read and write capabilities with the goal of being able to address neurological problems as mentioned above.

Musk also worried that why he showed the pig which had its implant eliminated safely was because the strategy is to supply updates to the hardware over time as better versions become available. Ultimately, Musk said during a subsequent Q&A that Neuralink expects to get the cost down to somewhere in the thousand-dollar selection, using a minimal cost for the hardware itself along the line of contemporary wearable apparatus.

Musk actually called the Neuralink devices as a”Fitbit on your skull with small wires” at multiple points during the demonstration, which really seems like a fairly dystopian proposition, depending on your perspective. Capabilities he teased eventually incorporate the ability to muster your Tesla using a notion, and video game controller interfaces — including complete control of Starcraft. Musk also said from the long run he expected people with Connect to be able to”save and replay memories,” including the caveat that”that is obviously sounding increasingly like a Black Mirror episode, but well, I figure they are pretty good at calling.” He even went so far as to say “you could download [memories] into a robot ”

The plan for an initial trial is to enroll a”small number” of these people in order to check the efficiency and security of the technology.

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